January 6, 2020

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he United States of America is undoubtedly the most popular country for office space on the planet. With a tech hub in San Francisco and the commerce capital of New York City as just two of the many large and growing cities, the concept of 0ffice spaces in the USA has taken off in this country faster than many others. This is particularly true among entrepreneurs and self-employed people, who are increasing in numbers here by the day. In many U.S. cities, inner city office space is very expensive, leading smaller businesses and startups to seek out alternative options, including shared office space near them.

History of Office Space in the USA

The USA is often hailed as hosting the first-ever official coworking space in the world, the Spiral Muse collective in San Francisco’s Mission district. Although that particular cowork space was slow to catch on and closed shortly after, the second iteration, dubbed The Hat Factory took off and started to popularize the concept of coworking in the USA. With the most coworking spaces of any other country in the world, the USA is a clear leader in the industry as a whole.

Find Shared Office Space in the USA

Although the types of 0ffice space depend greatly on the city, the most popular shared office spaces in the USA focus on convenient or transit-centered locations, business efficiency (the higher the Wi-Fi speed, the better) and fun extra perks such as ping pong and relaxation zones. Narrow down your search for 0ffice spaces in the USA by a variety of features, including price, location, industry, accessibility, and preferred amenities. Coworker makes finding your most ideal office spaces across the USA much simpler, thanks to a variety of filters that include everything from seating selection, to meeting room capacity, to catering options and more.